Meow Wolf Slot Canyon


Experience Design

The Lycra Slot Canyon is meant to take one simple spatial experience–walking through a confined space–and add layers of digital dimensions to it, which are accessed by pushing on the walls. Behind each lycra wall is a projector and a kinect sensor. The kinect translates changes in the surface into a gray-scale height map image, which tells the program when and where to play animations and video content; most of which are procedurally generated and rendered in the moment. The House of Eternal Return is such a rich little multiverse of experiences and artistic talent. I am honored to have a small contribution that I hope transports people light-years away before they slingshot into the next dimension. Many thanks to Adam LeBlanc, for helping with the installation and digital content. Also, thanks to William Coburn for the slot-canyon inspiration.

The Meow Wolf Slot Canyon was an extension of the original push-screen made for QueLab’s grand opening: