Coffee Extract Tower



This tower is designed to emphasize the art and ritual of making cold-brew coffee. Coffee is brewed by slowly dripping cold water over coffee grounds. This method of essence extraction creates a non-acidic, pure coffee concentrate that’s perfect for iced coffee. It’s easy on the human stomach, and even easier on the taste buds.
Food and drink may be simple sustenance, but ritual reminds us how important it is. Brewing coffee can be reduced to a hidden process--the quickest means to an end--or it can be expanded and embraced as a performance. The coffee extract tower is meant to be a functional sculpture; something you would want to keep displayed as it brews coffee, and even when it is not in use.

The coffee extract tower is designed with elegant connections in mind. Each component is solidly in place, but easily disassemblable. The impetus was finding intrinsic beauty in the way the materials interact with the functional pieces.

The structure is 16 gauge mild steel sheet, and a 1/2″ plate base, with a black oxide finish. The wood plates are 1/4″ baltic birch, with a food-safe polyurethane coating. The “drip train” starts with a 1 liter glass separatory funnel at the top, then a stainless steel infuser, stainless steel funnel, and finally the glass decanter.