Dialogue Brewing

Albuquerque, NM, 2016

Dialogue Brewing is a craft brewery whose mission is to encourage the relationship between community, art, technology, and food & drink. Central to our solution for this hybrid concept is an outdoor art and beer garden designed to nurture each of these concepts.

Outdoor 360

Beer and Art Garden

The garden's circular seating and standing layout encourages meandering and mingling. The 50-foot tree sculptures are a framework for art themselves, where foliage, food, and audio/visual electronic installations will live. The garden is adjacent to the brew pub via a roll-up garage door, and food carts in the street to wrap it all together.

3D Sound Field

We engineered the garden's 18 channel outdoor sound system, as well as the custom omni-directional speakers housed in each tree. Software accurately represents individual sounds in the 3D physical space of the patio. The layers of music that the system produces are truly atmospheric and rich, providing a welcome alternative to loud-as-possible music venues, and a new sonic frontier for musicians to explore.

The Dialogue Brewing bar design is meant to be the front-man and book-end for the performance of brewing equipment on display inside the tap room. The layout of the main space is symmetrical with two tap handle stations, which called for a modular design that helps align customers as they either sit at the bar, or wait in line to take their beer to the patio.

The bar top is made up of 13 layers of laminated birch plywood, which becomes a quite hefty and solid surface. The pattern is meant to reflect both the name of the brewery as an abstracted tracer effect, and the Sandia Mountans as the result of the pattern.

Each layer was cut with a CNC router, laid out on the floor, then glued together using a printed legend, which ended up pleasantly looking like a piece of sheet music.

Two sections are pulled forward to make places to stand in line at the tap stations. These reveal the storage space behind the bar, which is lined with growlers lit with LEDs to make a warm glow.

Dialogue Brewing started out as a concept for a food truck court / sculpture garden combo. The idea slowly morphed into a multi-faceted social art space with a brewery to support the art. Although the idea of dialogue is one of the core components of the space, we wanted the logo to express more of the diverse elements that made the space what it is. The final design ended up being a combination of basic elements: