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  • Clients
    2013 - Present | Albuquerque, NM and Portland, OR
    • Enjoy the Weather
      2018 - Present |
      • Nike House of Go
        • developed the media server that drove:
          • motion capture
          • treadmil sync
          • LED wall output
          • video capture / social share
        • with on install

        • For the Epic React Run experience, a giant tredmill was synced with an immersive video wall that displayed animated avatars responding to participants’ movements, and a video sharing system that allowed the runner to post a video of the experience to their social accounts. I developed the Touchdesigner system that drove the experience, which tied together motion capture, treadmil syc, live LED wall output, and video capture/sharing.
      • Nike Dispensary
        • the video capture / share system

        • The Dispensary was a pop-up shop for the Nike React shoe, where an interactive treadmill experience allowed runners to sample the shoe and take home a video of their experience. I worked with Enjoy the Weather to develop and install the automated camera capture and social sharing system that integrated with the experience.
      • custom top-secret NDA tech 🤐
    • Dialogue Brewing
      2015 - Present | dialoguebrewing.com
      • lead design of a tech-focused brewery
        • with founders
          • /

      • Dialogue Brewing is a craft brewery whose mission is to encourage the relationship between community, art, technology, and food & drink. As lead designer, I worked with the owners to develop the concept into a hybrid space. The garden's circular seating and standing layout encourages meandering and mingling. Steel tree structures are a framework for art, where foliage, food, and audio/visual electronic installations will live. The garden is adjacent to the brew pub via a roll-up garage door, and food carts in the street to wrap it all together. We engineered the garden's 18 channel outdoor sound system, as well as the custom omni-directional speakers housed in each tree. Software accurately represents individual sounds in the 3D physical space of the patio. The layers of music that the system produces are truly atmospheric and rich, providing a welcome alternative to loud-as-possible music venues, and a new sonic frontier for musicians to explore. The Dialogue Brewing bar design is meant to be the front-man and book-end for the performance of brewing equipment on display inside the tap room. The layout of the main space is symmetrical with two tap handle stations, which called for a modular design that helps align customers as they either sit at the bar, or wait in line to take their beer to the patio. Each layer was cut with a CNC router, laid out on the floor, then glued together using a printed legend. Two sections are pulled forward to make places to stand in line at the tap stations. These reveal the storage space behind the bar, which is lined with growlers lit with LEDs to make a warm glow. Dialogue Brewing started out as a concept for a food truck court / sculpture garden combo. The idea slowly morphed into a multi-faceted social art space with a brewery to support it. Although the idea of dialogue is one of the core components of the space, we wanted the logo to express more of the diverse elements that made the space what it is. The final design ended up being a combination of basic elements.
    • Meow Wolf
      2016 | meowwolf.com
      • and installed an interactive multimedia experience

      • The Lycra Slot Canyon is meant to take one simple spatial experience–walking through a confined space–and add layers of digital dimensions to it, which are accessed by pushing on the walls. Behind each lycra wall is a projector and a kinect sensor. The kinect translates changes in the surface into a gray-scale height map image, which tells the program when and where to play animations and video content; most of which are procedurally generated and rendered in the moment. The House of Eternal Return is such a rich little multiverse of experiences and artistic talent. I am honored to have a small contribution that I hope transports people light-years away before they slingshot into the next dimension. Many thanks to Adam LeBlanc, for helping with the installation and digital content. Also, thanks to William Coburn for the slot-canyon inspiration. ianleblanc.com/meow-wolf-slot-canyon
  • Employers
    • Levitated
      2014 - 2015 | Designer levitated.guru
      • designed and built a generative art pavilion for community events
      • operated laser cutters

      • The Levitated Toy Factory is a workshop and event space in downtown Albuquerque, started by Jared Tarbell of Etsy. "We use complex emergent phenomena to craft bits & atoms into toys & games from an infinite Universe of possibilities. Through the power of custom software, nature inspired algorithms and digital fabrication tools, we transform natural materials into beautiful artifacts of computation." -levitated.guru I was brought on-board as the second employee to help the startup engage the community computational design projects. The LifeStar is a 10-foot diameter generative dome designed for Levitated Toy Factory and made of 300 corrugated laser cut cardboard cells. The dome was used as a kiosk for markets in downtown Albuquerque, designed to inspire potential creative coders and makers.
    • nClosures
      2010 - 2014 | Design-Engineer
      • product design and engineering
      • product visualization
      • product data management
      • prototyping
      • fabrication and assembly drawings + BOMs
      • website / graphic design and management

      • In 2010 I was hired to design a security enclosure for the first iPad. The demand for the product quickly drove us to develop an entire line of iPad and other tablet accessories, most of which were designed as simple sheet metal assemblies that were able to be modified per-order. ianleblanc.com/iPad-Enclosure-Product-Line
    • UNM
      2009 - 2011 | Student Technical Specialist saap.unm.edu
      • designed interactive exhibits, websites, and promotional material
      • designer and fabricated a personal-scale full dome theater
      • designed interactive Google Earth content
    • Reytek
      2001 - 2009 | Intern reytek.com
      • sheet metal and shop assistant
      • created and edited assemblies and manufacturing drawings
  • Education
    • Bachelor of Arts in Architecture
      2011 | University of New Mexico, Albuquerque
  • Projects
    • Porch Logic
      2017 - Present | online
      • Palimpsests
      • Porch Logic is the name for my nebulous transition from designing to architecting.
      • I've discovered the awesome of and now use it for UI design and presentation
    • Interactive Lava Lamp

      • The grey matter discovery chamber is an interactive lava lamp. Two projectors and two depth sensors are mounted below the vesel (one on each side) The depth sensor tracks the blobs of lava, and a computer program uses that information to project generative light forms back onto the lava itself. https://ianleblanc.com/interactive-lava-lamp
    • Coffee Extract Tower

      • This tower is designed to emphasize the art and ritual of making cold-brew coffee. Coffee is brewed by slowly dripping cold water over coffee grounds. This method of essence extraction creates a non-acidic, pure coffee concentrate that’s perfect for iced coffee. It’s easy on the human stomach, and even easier on the taste buds. Food and drink may be simple sustenance, but ritual reminds us how important it is. Brewing coffee can be reduced to a hidden process--the quickest means to an end--or it can be expanded and embraced as a performance. The coffee extract tower is meant to be a functional sculpture; something you would want to keep displayed as it brews coffee, and even when it is not in use. The coffee extract tower is designed with elegant connections in mind. Each component is solidly in place, but easily disassemblable. The impetus was finding intrinsic beauty in the way the materials interact with the functional pieces. The structure is 16 gauge mild steel sheet, and a 1/2″ plate base, with a black oxide finish. The wood plates are 1/4″ baltic birch, with a food-safe polyurethane coating. The “drip train” starts with a 1 liter glass separatory funnel at the top, then a stainless steel infuser, stainless steel funnel, and finally the glass decanter. ianleblanc.com/coffee-extract-tower
    • Personal Fulldome Theater
  • Blog
    • Hello World
      ? | Fri, Feb 14, 2020 Today I am finally converting my website into a singe-page list of lists. This makes it giga-fast for a visitor to search and filter for exactly what they are looking for. It also makes it much more frictionless for me to update my website with content...I mean, to start sharing content in the first place! 😳 Hopefully if you are reading this, you've already clicked a hashtag or two and felt the power. The creator of WorkFlowy describes it as taking "cross-sections of a fractal document" #! For example, I can search for "#rhino OR #touchdesigner", then copy the URL and send it to somebody interested in that particular part of my skill set. (here's that URL: https://workflowy.com/s/ian-leblanc/w8fiXhn2KfO1EZY6#?q=%23rhino%20OR%20%23touchdesigner%20) I'm excited for this web page to function as my resume, documentation, blog, repo, public-brain. I like the idea of embracing the fractal/atomic nature of information. Things can always be broken down into sub-things. And working with nested information shouldn't be unwieldy. Still trying to understand the world of graph-databases, which I think might be one more step in the right direction, but the integration of tags makes this hierarchical structure much more flexible than it has been on its own.
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        • Soon there will be an easy way to publicly and privately comment on WorkFlowy documents, and grow the forest...k
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    • I am looking forward to a future where each entity in the galaxy (human, organization, or bot) has a cryptographic identity that is validated simply by its connections to other entities; not by a central authority.

    • peak valley media

    • hexagonmisfit.com
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